About Natalie

The Basics

Birthday: July 31
Place of Birth: Houston
Married: Yes, to my wonderful husband
Children: 2 dogs (if you count that)
Occupation: Organizational Change Management Consultant, Radio Talk Show Host
Political Affiliation: None—The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence are non-partisan documents and those documents are the basis of my affiliations and political ideological beliefs
Religious Affiliation: None. I have no denomination.  I believe and confess the Most High sent His Son (the Christ), who died, rose, and lives as my Savior. I follow the tenants of the Holy Word of the Most High, and I believe that there is much to be learned from other spiritual beliefs and cultures.  

Fun & Interesting Facts
Favorite Amendment and Why: 2nd amendment because without it, you can’t protect any of the others.
Favorite TV Show(s): 24, South Park, The Unit, Man v Food, Criminal Minds, SVU
Favorite Radio Programs: The Civil Right 
Favorite Foods: Good ole’ soul food - rice and gravy, smothered chicken, cabbage, yams, peach cobbler, mac & cheese
Favorite Day of the Year: My birthday of course
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday
Favorite Flower: Hydrangea and Tulips
Hobbies: Aside from watching/reading the political banter, watching movies, shopping, travel, anything outdoors—hiking, biking, jogging
Fear and Love: I fear (respectfully) and love God in all of his majesty, grace, and power
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Beck’s Prime
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant: Mark’s, Del Frisco's
Right-Handed or Left-Handed: Both (ambidextrous)
Accomplishments Before I Die: Wake up as many souls as I can and walk in the constant manifested presence of the Most High.